Chinook Animation Productions Ltd. specializes in animation voice production.

For the last nine years, Chinook Animation, a Calgary-based company, has provided high quality animation voice productions for the world market.


Unlike voice production companies in another jurisdiction, Chinook Animation has an agreement with a Voice Actors’ Union that permits honest, more comprehensive Use Rights for, you, the Copyright Owner.

Unlike other unions, Chinook’s Actors’ Union does NOT:

1) Bait and switch. (Promise certain Rights and then renege on agreements later.)

2) Purposefully, have collective agreements so vague and ambiguous that it is difficult to know the truth.

3) Unilaterally “re-interpret” parts of agreements in order to try to claw back certain
Rights, or charge more for Rights that should continue to be included.

Our Actors’ Union, its members and Chinook are dedicated to providing 100% full Use Rights in Perpetuity, and in a way that is honest and transparent.
Internet, etc: All uses are included. Nothing is hidden or misrepresented.

Production Quality.

Chinook produces animation voices for use on domestic and international television and for home video. These productions are seen on Cartoon Network USA and UK, YTV, BBC, French and German television and Warner Bros. Home Video releases. In a very competitive industry, Chinook has succeeded in producing English versions for over 1350 episodes of television series, specials, and video games. We are dedicated to developing and promoting new voice talent in Alberta while creating high quality, cost effective animation productions. We feel this is an exciting and interesting opportunity for all Albertans.

Producers in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo now recognize the talent available in Alberta. It is our goal to assist Alberta performers to benefit from the opportunities available to them in the industry.

Chinook Animation Productions Ltd. specializes in all aspects of voice recording and can also provide full post-production services for television, video and game product.

Recording Systems:
Because we use digital systems that are state of the art, the quality is immensely superior to older digital systems still in use at many other production facilities.

Chinook creates voice recordings with the depth and strength of "classic" voice recording methods; no noise and without the thin digital sound associated with many other digital studio systems.

Chinook Animation Productions Ltd. produces the most naturally dubbed lip-sync recordings available.


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